Publicity policy

I often get messages from people asking me to help publicize some event that is coming up. I can understand that, and of course I want to help promote things that are meant for the building up of the kingdom of God. That being said, I have had problems regarding notices for upcoming events.

On a general level, I have found that posting one notice for an event tends to bring a slew of other hopeful requests, not all of which I feel comfortable accepting (and this, for all kinds of possible reasons not necessarily related to the worthiness of the event itself). People feel disappointed if their event gets turned down, while others get angry, believing their they should somehow be entitled to space on this blog.

On a more specific level, those requesting publicity on my blog are not just making a technical request. In fact, they are asking me to share some of my reputation with them. Now that I am a bishop, I must be even more cautious about those persons, groups and events that get to be associated with (and promoted through) that ministry.

For these reasons, requests for event or group publicity will generally be refused. I will make occasional exceptions, however, for events I am a part of, or groups that I am closely associated with. Events or groups are already being promoted by brother bishops (e.g. World Youth Day) also may be considered. Still, even these criteria are not a guarantee of free publicity, as I don’t want my blog to turn into a billboard.