All together now: “INDEED HE IS RISEN!”

May the blessing of Easter come upon all of you. As for me, my day has been great. After the masses at the parish this morning, I got to Ottawa for Easter supper with my family. I had a couple of nice surprises — first, my aunt Bernice (father’s sister) was there, and we had an interesting chat regarding (among other things) Islam and the West. I’ve been reading a very interesting book call No God But God (which I highly recommend) and it let me have at least a couple of intelligent things to say on the subject.

As a second nice surprise, my cousin Paul, along with his wife Frances and their kids Bobby, Sarah, Julia, and Sebastian, showed up for a brief visit. I hadn’t seen them in ages — not since my ordination 4.5 years ago, at least.

Easter supper was delicious, and after everybody else took off I had a chance to chat with my sister about her new job working as a caregiver for disabled persons. I’m very proud of her and I’m glad to see her nursing skills being polished up — she has so much compassion in her, it only makes sense her hands work in conjunction with her heart.

God bless to all my blog readers!