I had the privilege of being a special guest at an Iftar dinner this evening. Iftar is the name of the meal held at the end of the day during the Muslim month of Ramadan. As devout Muslims don’t eat anything at all during the day, the eat “breakfast” (literally, the meal that breaks the fast) once the sun goes down. It is meant to be a time of joy and celebration, lived with family and friends.

This particular Iftar was organized by the Canadian Muslim Forum. The Cardinal was invited to attend, but as he could not make it he asked me to go in his place and offer his greetings and friendship. I was honoured! The meal was held at the Nuits de mosaique restaurant (albeit without the belly dancers!), and the food was delicious. I also had a chance to meet a number of very interesting people, such as the mayor of Brossard (I sat next to him throughout the meal), as well as a number of other political representatives and candidates.

One particular guest across from me was Sheikh Said Youssef Fawaz. He is a local Imam, and the Canadian representative of the Ligue Islamique Mondiale (in English, the Muslim World League), a key islamic missionary organization. This organization is heavily supported by the Saudis and therefore is likely heavily influenced by the Wahabist interpretation of Islam. I’d be very interested to hear his sermons.