August 2016

The Swedish connection

By the time I got to college and university, the Commodore line of computers was hitting its limits. A new form of computing was emerging, using something called a GUI (Graphic User Interface). For Commodore machines, it was called GEOS. It was so different from the simple text based interfaces I knew, it was slooooowwwww, and I had no clue how to program in that environment. I felt like a fish out of water.

Visit to the Laurentians

I had a chance to head up north today. Stop #1 was Camp Kinkora, where my awesome niece Alex is participating in Visions camp for the week. Stop #2 was supper with my dad's cousin John and his wife Gail, who have a home in Sainte-Agathe. His daughter Katie (my second cousin) was about to head back to her home in Toronto, so I had the chance to join a small group for her goodbye supper. Turns out she is quite the artist, feel free to check out her website: