July 2012

Visiting Trevi nel Lazio (final thoughts)

This last blog post of the series is meant to just wrap up a few points.

First of all, a big THANK YOU once again to Marco Iacobucci and his friends (Daniele, Francesco, Rita, and others whose names I sadly don’t remember…) for all they did for Father Stephen and me. As you can read in my previous two posts, it was an incredible experience.

Next, for those who’d like to read Marco’s take on things, here are the posts he put on his own blog:

The pallium trip, summarized

It has been a while since I wrote a true blog post. Blame it on confirmation season: I was busy enough with my usual work, and when the post-Easter schedule of confirmation celebrations took off, that was it (although Twitter and Facebook updates did continue). Please don’t misunderstand, I absolutely loved doing confirmations, but it did eat into the personal time required for this sort of writing.