October 2009

Training for the new pastors

Today was a special training session for our new pastors, who were joined also by some priests who are likely soon to be named pastors. One thing they don’t teach us in seminary is how to administer a parish, and in the past a priest learned it by being an associate pastor for ten or twenty years. Well, we don’t have that luxury any more, and priests are becoming pastors with sometimes less than 3 years of experience. Hence, today’s training session.

A place for the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church

Hey folks, I’ve been struggling with my computer ever since the VERY nasty virus it caught sometime in the last two weeks, but I just had to take some time to write about today’s important develop: the creation of a new canonical structure in the Roman Catholic Church to welcome Anglicans who wish to become Catholics but who also wish to retain an Anglican spirituality. I thought I’d offer my two cents.

Major computer problems

I’ve been having some major computer problems the past couple of weeks.

It started with a virus that installed a tiny FTP program that tried to install a rootkit. Nasty stuff, if it had succeeded I would have had my PC completely taken over by hackers.

To get rid of it completely, I had to wipe my hard drive using a rather drastic tool called Boot and Nuke. Then, a complete Windows XP reinstall, which took some time. Now I’m installing tools.

I need the help of a couple of regular blog readers

A journalism student wants to do a class project on religion and blogging, and I am being interviewed for that purpose. However, she would also like to interview a couple of my blog readers (I guess to get the end-user point of view).

I’m posting this to ask for volunteers. Send me your name + contact info, and I’ll send a collated set to the student. She can then get in touch with you directly.

Many thanks!

Comité employeur

Today I had a meeting of a special ad hoc committee within the diocesan structure: the “comité employeur”, which was put in place a few months ago to respond to certain elements of the ambient legal climate in which the Church finds itself.