July 2009

Getting back to my pilgrimage

Some of you may remember I did a pilgrimage back in May to Rome, Assisi, Medjugorje and San Giovanni Rotondo. I last left off with a description of my thoughts regarding Medjugorje. I thought I should pick things up again, starting from our next stop after Medjugorje: the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

Happy anniversary to my parents

I was in Ottawa over the weekend for the 40th wedding anniversary of my parents. I had the honour of presiding, of course (part of being a priest in the family). It was a small celebration, with a strong spiritual focus. One special bonus was a chance to see some of my parents’ wedding video — except that, in those days, it was 8mm film! I had never seen it before, so that was a lot of fun.

Happy anniversary, Mama and Papa!