April 2009

Returning to Mexico?

This morning, before leaving for the parish where I was to celebrate mass, I bumped into the Cardinal on the way to the parking lot.

My first words: “Good morning, your Eminence!”

His first words: “Are you still planning on going to Mexico? This swine flu is very worrying.”

What a way to start your day…and yet, he does have a point. I was actually quite touched by his concern.

Order of Saint Lazarus

I was invited to attend the annual general meeting of the Order of Saint Lazarus today, so I went. What, you never heard of them? Me neither until recently, but I have been pleasantly surprised to discover this group of active citizens working for charitable purposes throughout Canada (and the world). They have a long and (literally) noble history, so I thought I’d give them a plug.

Comedy for a cause

My brother called me up today to see if I wanted to take in a comedy show. As it turns out, Visions Camp (of which he was a member many moons ago) was doing a fundraiser, so he was coming into town. So I figured, why not? A good chance to hang with my bro, I thought. As it turns out, I saw a lot of people I knew, which was really nice, and I might add that the comedy was actually pretty funny! A little colourful at times, but nothing blasphemous (which I absolutely hate). I had a few good laughs, and I’m glad I went.

The eyes have it

I went for an eye exam today (last one was in 2007). Everything checks out well – a slight increase in myopia, but not need for reading glasses just yet, and my astigmatism seems to have gone away! I can keep the same glasses and still be ok for driving, but as these are getting old it might be time for a change.