April 2008

Congratulations to Maya

Saturday was the Confirmation and First Communion of my little niece Maya (the diocese of Ottawa does both sacraments in the same ceremony). Once again, Father Dan of Saint Martin de Porres parish graciously allowed me to concelebrate, meaning I had a chance to be the one to actually confirm her and give her her first Communion (the main minister of Confirmation has the authority to associate other ministers with him at a ceremony). I could tell it was a big deal for her, just as it was for her uncle.


I missed the Nominations Committee meeting this morning for a meeting of another sort: I had to go to the Tropical Disease Clinic at the Montreal General Hospital to get the second part of my Hepatitis A vaccination. This should give me immunity for life.

I guess I’m not sleeping tonight

I’m sitting in my room listening to the honking and cheering going on in the streets. The Canadians beat the Boston Bruins to complete the first best-of-seven series on the road to the Stanley Cup.

My room at the Cathedral faces the Bell Centre, where the game was played. Throughout the season I’ve been able to tell when the Canadians win a home game, just by listening to the fans coming out of the arena. And tonight, they are going absolutely nuts with joy.

Back from the monastery

It was a tough retreat. There are times when the Lord is all sweetness and light with you, and there are times when he kicks your butt. This retreat was a few good days of butt-kicking.

I still haven’t assimilated what it all means, but I do know this: the Lord is calling me to take ownership of my situation, and to really be everything he has called me to be. It was a real challenge to face my sinfulness, in all areas of my life, but especially to put behind me all self-pity and have the courage of the sons of God.