December 2007

Visit to (another) sick priest

Today I got in my car and headed to the south shore to visit with a brother priest who apparently is suffering from some sort of mental disorder. He has just been released from the psychiatric wing of a major hospital and is resting at a friend’s place. He was suffering from serious delusions, such that he was giving away all his possessions and was convinced that he was in Hell. Yeesh. Anyway, he feels a lot better now, but his condition is still clearly unstable.

Visiting with a friend

I had my 20-year high school reunion three months ago (which was a total blast) and it gave me a chance to catch up with people I had not seen for…um…20 years! Of course, you know how these things go: you look at each other, chat, and then say “Let’s call each other and get together!” The challenge afterwards is to actually call each other and get together…

Visiting our elder brothers

This evening a group of young priests of Montreal visited the Ignace Bourget home, where some of our elderly priests live (and can, if necessary, receive medical care). A group of close to 20 of us gathered in a meeting room downstairs, to share on our lived experience and our hopes for the future.

Helping the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism

This evening was a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism (of which I am the Treasurer). I made a presentation at the meeting, discussing the current state of our Membership Register and how it can be renewed. My plan was accepted 100%, unanimously! So I must confess, I am very pleased with myself. I had worked hard on it, sifting through 30 years of meeting minutes to try and get a solid grip on where we were with membership issues.

Just say NO to gossip

For reasons of confidentiality I obviously cannot go into any details, but within my work in the personnel office I recently came across a case of a brother priest who some years ago was falsely accused of having an affair with a woman. I do not use the word “falsely” with any reservation: she was known to be psychologically unbalanced, and she had mentioned to some people beforehand that she was going to make stuff up against this priest to get at him for her own bizarre reasons.

Last osteopathy session

I’ve been seeing an osteopath recently, due to recurring pains in my left shoulder. I’ve got to say, the guy has been amazing. He was able to identify certain other injuries and pains that I’ve felt just by looking at my posture and doing a couple of minor tests.

A pleasant encounter

I had one of the foreign priests come to visit me today at my office, just to touch base and let me know how things are going with him. He is here for studies, and has been a great help to us in one of our parish clusters. He let me know that he will be going back home at the end of this academic year (a year early), but that his bishop is going to try and see if he can be sent for further studies in another institution afterwards. Good for him!

Off to Kinshasa

I’ve had quite a day today. I’ve written in the past about a sick priest I visited, and today was the day of his flight back home to the Congo. It turns out his condition is terminal, and he wants to go home to die surrounded by family and friends. Easier said than done, though!