June 2006

Vocations of being

People often ask their priest for advice on "what they should do with their life", and I've received that question many times myself. What I've noticed, however, is that many people don't quite realise that there are, in fact, two kinds of vocations: vocations of doing, but also vocations of being.

Bored of Directors? Not this evening

Tonight was the meeting of the Board of Directors for the hospital at which I work. While I am not a member of the board the meetings are open to the public, so I thought I should attend at least one meeting before I “retire” from hospital ministry. It was quite interesting, actually — I learned a lot, and I got a good “feel” for the topics presented to the Board. In fact, I saw some ways that the Pastoral Department can cooperate more effectively within the hospital and greater CSSS. So all in all, a good investment of time!

Details on my new job

I met today with my new boss, Mgr Jean Fortier, as well as with Fr. André Tiphane, the priest I will be replacing. The purpose was for me to get an overview of my new responsibilities in the archdiocesan curia. It comes down to the following, it seems:

Truly a pain in the a**

There is a history of colon cancer in my family, and because of it I have known for some time I would need to eventually go for screening to make sure my own insides were ok. Well, today was the day for my first ever colonoscopy. Fun fun fun! NOT!!!