December 2005

Nuthin’ to see here, folks

As I was surfing around this week, I came across a post over at The Curt Jester regarding the local practice of eating “retailles d’hosties”, a bread product that resembles the unleavened bread used for the Eucharist. This is a very old custom here in Quebec, that originated when the nuns would sell bags of the scraps of unleavened bread after they had finished manufacturing hosts. It never raised the ire of the Church, even in the days when Quebecers were more Catholic than the Pope.

Yes, Satan exists

I got into an interesting theological discussion with one of the volunteers at the hospital today. She mentioned how she does not like hearing Satan mentioned in homilies, as she does not accept the existence of Satan.

My reply was to mention that I don’t like hearing about Satan either, as I don’t like hearing about unpleasant things any more than the next person, but that if there really is a Satan then I do appreciate at least being warned about him.

Interesting magazine on Islam

While browsing through a local magazine store I came across something I had never seen before: Islamica Magazine. There are not a lot of publications out there by Muslims for Muslims in the English language. This one is not only beautifully crafted, but one of its chief aims is to engage the modern world in dialogue from the point of view of traditional Islamic thought.

Feeling much better

I’d like to thank all those who have expressed prayers and well-wishes in response to my recent post regarding my not feeling that great lately. Just to offer an update: I’m doing a lot better. Again, thank you!

Visit to the doctor

Well, I saw my doctor today, to try and figure out why I’ve been so tired and cranky the last few weeks. I left the house in the middle of a massive snowstorm (16 inches of snow fell on the city), which meant that I was late for the appointment, but on the other hand I had *nobody* ahead of me. It gave us time to chat.

Relaxing in awe

They say a writer should write what he knows
And yet, as the current of my life flows
The waters become still, as does my pen.
Knowledge becomes unknowledge as the mystery unfolds.

Only three things do I know:
Truth, for my youth
Love, for my heart
and Beauty, to contemplate.
In this now, I choose Beauty.

Sticking my head out…

…just to share with you a special joy, coupled with a prayer request:

Today is my anniversary of ordination, the start of this amazing journey called “priesthood”. 4 years already — time flies. It feels like I’ve lived a decade of experience within each year.

Anyways, please send a prayer my way, will you? I’m feeling a little buried, and I could use some raising up right about now. God bless!