November 2005

A nice, light topic – NOT!!!

A reader sent me the following email:

I have a suggestion for a future topic for your website: The Endtimes.

Yes, that’s right. The End. There is much confusion on the topic today, and given the recent popularity of the “Left Behind” books and movies, a lot of things should be clarified.

I know I need clarification.

YIKES! That is a *huge* topic. It is far more than one post can cover. I’ll take a stab at something for now, and then see how things go.

Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education

I was chatting with a colleague in hospital chaplaincy, and she referred me to the web site of the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education (CAPPE). In particular, she suggested I read the white paper they produced on the place of pastoral work within a health care environment, entitled Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance In Healthcare. Looks like an interesting read.

Gnosticism and the ecstasy of knowing

In my times of reflection I've come to realise that the New Evangelization, for it to succeed, needs to take into account the question of Beauty. Beauty is one of those things that is hard to define, but we know it when we see it. How? By the reaction it produces in us — a kind of "pleasingness" which, in its highest forms, produces a sense of "ecstasy".

Congrats to the CWL

Our local chapter of the Catholic Women’s League held their annual bazaar today, and I hear it was quite successful. Congratulations, ladies! You deserve all your success.

As an aside, I noticed many Muslim women coming to the bazaar, hunting for bargains. There is a significant Muslim population in the area, so perhaps we are now making “first contact” with them. Community through shopping — not what I would have expected, but if it breaks down barriers, let’s go for it!

West Island Pastoral Council

This evening was the inaugural meeting of the new West Island Pastoral Council, a new structure being put in place to group together the 11 English-speaking parishes of the West Island, to better coordinate our pastoral efforts. I was part of the committee that drafted the new charter for the Council, so I am glad to see this thing get going.

Purgatory and hockey

Today is the feast of All Souls, and in my homily I mentioned how part of this feast means that we celebrate the existence of purgatory as another sign of God's mercy. What, you say? Purgatory as a sign of *mercy*? Well, yes! If we understand it correctly, the fact that purgatory exists is a sign of both great mercy and great promise from the Lord.