Arriving in Rome

I had a great flight to Rome from Montreal last night. Of course, for me a "great flight" means I slept most of the way. I did have a chance to catch a nice movie over supper, the recent documentary on Fred Rogers entitled Won't You Be My Neighbor? I definitely recommend it if you haven't see it yet. As an added bonus, I ran into an Air Canada agent who had been very helpful when my mom and I were travelling to France recently (we had requested special assistance for mom).

Blown tire, but thankfully not a blown vacation

Ah, vacation. A time to get away from it all. And today was the day when that was to start. Except this happened on my way to Sherbrooke...

The good news is that it was the rear tire. I was driving on highway 10 in heavy rain with moderate traffic, so if a front tire had blown there would have been greater danger of losing control. As it is all I felt was a lot of vibration, like I was driving on rough asphalt. I managed to get to the side of the road, and call CAA (AAA for my USA friends). 

How to have a welcoming parish

I had an excellent discussion with a brother priest this morning (Sunday, July 16) over breakfast concerning what it means to have a welcoming parish. My experience of doing 5 years of in-depth parish pastoral visits revealed to me that most regular parishioners think their parish is a welcoming parish. My experience also revealed that many of those people, when asked why they think theirs is a welcoming parish, have no idea how to respond. It comes down to a feeling, more than facts.