A wonderful evening with wonderful friends

Me on Zoom

This pandemic sucks, but it doesn't mean we can't find ways to spend time with people we love. That is what I lived this evening.

I was one of the founders of Catholic Action Montreal, and before leaving Montreal last December I was asked to reserve this evening as a way to say goodbye to the team. Well, they went all out. Different parishes and community groups were invited to participate, and we had quite a crew online -- childhood friends, parishioners, and community leaders of all sorts. I was very touched by all their testimonials. Some members of the diocesan team here in Sudbury were also present, and I'm so proud that they got to meet all those amazing people from back home.

I'll be honest, though: while I do think I managed to do some good while I was in Montreal, most of it can only be considered a team effort, so I have to share credit. I've always seen my ministry, especially as a bishop, as one of being a catalyst. I try and get the different ingredients for success together and then being my own gift of bringing the vision.

The evening was recorded, and I am looking forward to seeing the video again. Thank you to all -- my heart was full!