Visiting the Anglican diocese of Algoma

Saint Luke Cathedral

After visiting Precious Blood Cathedral (see previous post) I walked over to the synod office of the Anglican diocese of Algoma (based in Sault Ste. Marie). Archbishop Anne Germond had reached out to me as I was originally arriving in the diocese in December, and I wanted to say hello and express my thanks.

I was met at the offices of the diocese by Archbishop Germond herself. She then introduced me to her team. Social distancing makes visits always a bit more complicated, but we enjoyed one another's company. It was a good chance for me to hear of the dreams and challenges they are facing.

After our meeting, we headed across the parking lot for a visit to Saint Luke's Cathedral (see the picture). I got a nice introduction to the place, offered by the Dean.

Oh, and did I mention that I came away with goodies? Archbishop Germond offered me a bag of treats like local beers, maple syrup, a small stuffed animal that is sold as part of a charity fundraiser, and so on. It was very kind.

Christian unity has long been a passion of mine. I know that the differences between Catholics and Anglicans remain important, especially on a theological level. But I also know we believe together in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, who sends us the Spirit. And that's already a huge start for finding ways to collaborate in promoting the Good News.