One of the four corners of the diocese

The Wawa goose

This is a bit of a combined post for the past couple of days. I mentioned in a post dated two days ago that I was headed to Wawa via the Soo. Well, I made it! The Wawa goose is proof of that!

I got to the rectory of Saint Monica parish in Wawa around lunchtime. It was a gorgeous drive up. Upon arriving, Fr. Michael treated me to a traditional meal from Ghana (his home country), and then took me on a tour of the town. We then had two masses that evening, and after I hit the hay.

The next day we had another mass in Wawa, and then headed up to White River. The church there is called Saint Basil.

Saint Basil in White River

We had Mass, followed by a meeting with some leaders in the parish. We also had lunch in a home across the street (where I had an absolutely delightful conversation with our hosts).

After lunch we headed to Dubreuilville, to Sainte-Cécile parish.

Sainte-Cécile à Dubreuilville

The entire church is made of wood, like you see in the wall of the sanctuary. Very appropriate for a lumber town!

Mass at Sainte-Cécile was also followed by a meeting with parish leaders, and then we headed back to Wawa, getting there in time for a final mass that evening. It was quite a round trip! Thank you Fr. Michael for introducing me to one of the 4 corners of our diocese!