Overnight in the Soo

My pastoral visit this weekend is to the northwesternmost part of our diocese (Wawa, White River and Dubreuilville). If I were to head straight to Wawa from Sudbury it would be a 6 hour drive, assuming good weather and no stops along the way. As I could only head out in the afternoon, and I didn't want to drive isolated stretches of road for the first time at night, I decided to stop over in Sault Ste. Marie. After all, I have a Cathedral there!

Readers of this blog will know the story of how I visited Manitoulin Island the weekend before I got the news of my appointment to this diocese. But once I was past Espanola heading west, I was on a stretch of road I had not seen since 1986, when my family camped across Canada to get to the international exposition in Vancouver. I felt like I was exploring something new.

To my surprise, along the way I passed a horse and buggy! It turns out there are a number of Mennonites who have moved up here from further south, reclaiming old farms and establishing their particular way of life.

I also discovered that cell phone coverage is very spotty. I thought I could use the time to catch up on phone calls, and I did succeed somewhat, but I'll have to see if my new phone will have better connections.

I was received in the Soo by Fr. Hamish Currie, the pastor there. As I got in late and had to leave as soon as possible the next morning, we did not have time for a visit of the church. But I'll try and drop in on my way back.