Happy birthday to my sister Miriam!

December 29 is my sister's birthday, so happy birthday Miriam! You are awesome -- a great mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

We've all had a big year, so I'll share just one moment from these past few months where I was particularly proud of her. Years ago Miriam went to India for 4 months along with her friend Stephanie Emmons, and while there she met Mother Theresa. Stephanie recently had a book published about this experience, called She Made Me Laugh: Mother Theresa and the Call to Holiness. My sister features quite a bit in the book, so as one reviewer said, "We become friends with her winsome traveling companion Miriam". I've never heard my sister described as "winsome" before, but I like it!

Miriam also took part in the virtual book launch, which naturally had to be done via video rather than in person (stupid covid), but the bright side is I get to share it with you:

So how did we celebrate her birthday, given lockdown? Why we played board games, of course! In particular, the game Pandemic: the Cure. In this cooperative game the players work together to try and save the world from deadly diseases. How very appropriate for the times we are living in now! And I'm happy to report that we made a great team, and had a great time.