Mass during lockdown

Kids at the manger

Because of the lockdown that started December 26 the local parish was not doing masses with the public. I thought that meant I would be celebrating Sunday mass in my sister's home, and so I contacted the pastor to see if I could borrow a "mass kit" and get some wine and hosts. Instead, he very generously allowed me to use the parish church for a private mass. On top of that, because we share a household bubble (and are less than 10 people) my family was able to attend -- how very appropriate for the feast of the Holy Family!

When we got there the first question the kids asked was, "Can we run in the church?" It made me think to when I was little and we could attend a church close to our family cottage. My brother and I would run up and down the aisle once it was empty. The pastor looked at us and smiled, and said to my father, "They have to learn how big the church is with their feet." He was such a kindly man.

Still, while certainly full of energy, my nieces and nephew also have the wonder of little kids. They sat at one point in front of the manger scene, just taking it all in. Something very beautiful about that.