Thank God it's Monday!

Christmas cards on the mantle

OK, OK, I know most people think Friday is the best day of the week, but today brought with it something special: my first full day at the office, with our diocesan team. In some ways it was fairly mundane: for example, opening mail (see you can see today's crop of Christmas card in the picture) and getting my workspace (especially my computer) set up is just another one of those things we have to do. The thing is, I know that my work routines will affect those of all around me, so I want to get it right. More importantly, I want to make sure that we give ourselves to tools to work collaboratively, especially since I hope to be out of the office quite a bit visiting the diocese.

One key work routine that saved my sanity years back is Getting Things Done by David Allen. The Wikipedia article calls this a "time management" method, but in reality it is a workflow and prioritization management system. I've used it for myself for a number of years, but now that I'm in a new situation it is time to reboot the action and project lists in conjunction with others. I'm looking forward to eventually sharing this methodology with the team, if only to help them understand how I work (and even think).

Another tool that I think will help immensely is the Google Workspace set of tools we have. Google offers this for free via a Canadian organization called Techsoup, which provides technology to charities, non-profits and libraries. I showed one of our staff members how some of the tools work, and we were both pretty amazed at how it empowers having a team work environment.

Let's see what Tuesday will bring!