Cocktails with an astronaut

This evening I had a chance to attend an event organized by the Order of Saint Lazarus: a cocktail fundraiser with Marc Garneau, Canada’s first man in space, as the guest speaker. The event was held at the Mount Royal Club, which I had never visited before (and I must say, is quite a swanky joint). While Mr. Garneau is now a politician, he refrained from talking up his party — and given the election fever that was gripping Canada at this point, I must say I respect his self-discipline! I got the chance to ask the first question, so I asked his opinion on whether we should return to the Moon or simply start trying to head to Mars. He thinks Mars, and I have to agree with him. The tough part is escaping Earth’s gravity: once you’ve done that, going to Mars is not much harder than going to the Moon, just longer (see Mars Direct).

BTW, the cocktail was a fundraiser for palliative care, one of the key objectives of the Order of Saint Lazarus. Many thanks to Marc Garneau for helping the Order help others.