Trois-Rivières – not!

I got up early today to head to Trois-Rivières, for a meeting of a special commission of the Assembly of Quebec Bishops that was to discuss the question of the Catholic presence in the health care system. I was a bit bummed that I had to go on my day off, but I had promised a colleague I would go in her place as she would be on vacation. Besides, having been a hospital chaplain I really believe in the importance of this part of the Church’s mission, so I wanted to make sure someone would be there.

On my way I called in to our department secretary for something from my car, and when I mentioned where I was going she asked me if I was travelling with our departmental director. “Umm, no…” I answered, “is he going too?”

“Sure,” she replied, “he’s sharing a ride with the Vicar General.”

So let me get this straight, I thought to myself, both the vicar general and an auxiliary bishop are already headed there, and I’m going because…?

Now I’m quite sure no one will ever accuse me of having a poor sense of self-esteem (ahem), but I like to think I’m not so self-important that I think I needed to be there to back up the two most senior clerics of the Archdiocese (after the Cardinal himself, of course). So I turned the car around, and headed back to Montreal. And as the Lord often does, he turned lemons into lemonade: a classmate of mine from seminary had his parish nearby, so I dropped in to visit him at his rectory in L’Assomption. It was a very nice visit, and since he’s really out in the boonies of our diocese he doesn’t get too many, so we both enjoyed ourseslves.