The girl who dreamt of tigers

My niece’s birthday is coming up, and this being a long weekend I visited with her + the family up at my parent’s cottage. I gave her an early birthday gift: a copy of the Ars Magica game that I contributed to. I think she found it cool to know that her uncle had helped make a game, and of course she wanted to play it. So she, I, and my brother sat down and adventured through a fairy land where the sun never sets and where an evil wizard seeks to extend his nefarious influence.

For me, role-playing games are about creating a story together. Alex’s character was a girl who dreamt of tigers, and who (upon arriving in the fairy world) discovered she could turn into one (which has since gotten her character out of a few scrapes). Her pet dog came with her, and was changed into a wolf. Together they must now do their best to discover how to rescue everyone from being taken over by the evil wizard.

Yep, it was lots of fun. And the story is not over yet!