Getting stuck

One part of moving that I really can do without is trying to tie up loose ends from my “previous life” — it seems so hard to make a “clean transfer” from one thing to the next. With regards to the hospital, where I was employed until September 1, this involves things like: (1) change of address, (2) pension fund transfers, (3) claiming my last paycheck, (4) helping with the transfer of responsibilities, and finally (5) getting my vaccination record update.

Which actually means getting *ME* updated.

So today I headed over to the Lakeshore Hospital, to get my last Hepatitis B shot. Every health care worker needs to have an up-to-date set of vaccinations, so I’d already gotten quite a few needles over the last few months. But the HepB shot needs to be done in stages, and since I had already had the first 2 shots it made sense for me to go for the 3rd one, even if I no longer work in the health care system. But man, I hate needles. Really, I hate them. And now I have to go for a blood test, to see if I will need a final booster as well (just normal routine procedure). *shudder*

OK, so I’m a wuss. At least this way maybe a soul or two can get out of purgatory.