Back on the job

I started a new job today: Assistant to the Director of the Office for Pastoral Personnel. I have a lovely large (but somewhat dusty — *cough* *cough*) office on the top floor of the archdiocesan building. Some people are saying that this is a sign that I am literally “moving on up”. I say it is a sign that hot air rises.

This new job places me in a dilemma with regards to this blog. I now have to deal with a great many confidential and sensitive dossiers. I also want to make sure I avoid creating the perception that, because my office is literally next to that of the Cardinal, that I am somehow speaking with his voice. This blog, though, was supposed to be inspired by “cool things” that happen in my day. I suspect that this will be much more difficult. It all gives me pause.

That being said, I am pleased to let people know that last night a small group of people met to imagine together ways in which the Internet might be used to help prepare the Kingdom. It was a great meeting, and I’m looking forward to seeing something concrete come out of it. I’ll keep you posted as things develop.

As for me, I am still stuck with unpacked boxes and unsorted piles of paper to get through. My victory in cleaning out my email was also short-lived, as vacation meant I did not keep up very well with the inflow. But at least I am back in to some sort of regular routine, which I’ve always found healthy.