A cute exchange

So I’m walking along the 4-South wing, and I see the name of a patient posted outside a room. It looks familiar, so I decide to pop in and say hello. The problem is, both patients in there are men, and I’m looking for a woman, so I’m wondering what’s going on. I’m also a little embarassed, because each patient has company, making for quite a few people in the room when I suddenly barge in looking confused. The conversations abruptly stop, with everyone staring seriously at the man in the collar, wondering why he’s there and who he wants to see.

Just then, one of the patients says, “Oh, a priest! I thought for a moment that you were my son.”

To which I replied, with an impish grin on my face, “Is your son good looking?”

Everyone in the room starts to smile and relax a bit. After a few moments, the man says, “I’m not sure if you are trying to complement my son, or just yourself!” To which I reply, again impishly, “I leave that up to you to decide, sir!”

A bit of small talk ensues and I leave, with a smile going with me.