Wondering where I’ve been?

It has been quite a week. I wrote my post for last Monday, entitled “Yet Another Irritating Distraction”, and then all puragtory broke loose. (I say ‘purgatory’ because I don’t think it was quite as severe as if it had been ‘all hell’ :-)

Apart from the 50+ comments that can now be found attached to that blog entry, I also received quite a bit of email, subdivided into 3 kinds:

  1. “Way to go, Fr. Tom!”
  2. “Who the hell do you think you are?”
  3. “I’m unclear on this or that point.”

Some emails do fall between two categories, mind you. I’ve done my best to respond to each email, as well as jumping into the comments conversation every so often…..so it has been a lot of writing, just not in the form of blog entries.

This whole experience has been a quite challenge, both in the sense of “an exhausting experience” and “a call to greater perfection”. It has helped me a lot to clarify my own thinking (and my capacity for expression) on various points. Hopefully the next time this (or a similar issue) comes up, the light-to-heat ratio will be even better.

But ultimately this blog is not about debating the Church position on this or that. Yes, we do that from time to time here, but I don’t want the main thrust of my blog to suffer, which is to share the joys and hopes of my priestly vocation with others. So I’m taking a break from this debate for now, to reboot the blog and focus on doing some back posts. A lot else has happened recently, you know! Gotta share that too — from the sublime to the silly.