At long last!

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote about a wonderful surprise I lived at the parish Christmas concert: a local Christian singing group, Aeternal, performed a song which I learned was inspired by a homily series I once gave. The name of the song? As We Wait in Joyful Hope.

Today I was handed a CD, just recently pressed, with this very song on it, and I have permission to post it to my web site as my very own blog theme song. Click on the song title link and give it a listen!


A very long time ago
This world of ours began
With water, trees and animals,
And one to rule them, man
The man was given everything
He could not ask for more
His maker asked one simple rule
The man chose to ignore
The world became a different place
Where man felt cold and fear
Evil crept into his life
And whispered in his ear

And now, we wait in joyful hope
For the coming of our Lord
We must keep our house in order
For His love is our reward

After far too many years of this
The maker spoke again
He chose a man named Noah
The escape the final rain
Now, again the world began anew
There was new of many things
Some men grew to minister
And some men grew to kings
Until one day a child was born
It was said he was the One
The One who comes to renew the world
He was the makers Son!


He spoke of God and paradise
How man would start again
He came to teach us wisdom
And to take away our pain
Again, the seed of evil grew
With hate and fear and lies
The man again was tempted
And condemned the Son to die!