Visiting Palliative Care

Today I had a chance to have lunch over at the West Island Palliative Care residence. My appointment from the bishop includes the responsibility of Catholic chaplaincy at the palliative care residence, so I hope to be able to visit often. I had already gone over the week before, and I was told that the lunches were famous (and that I was always welcome), so I thought I’d check it out.

Well, they weren’t kidding. But as fabulous as the food was, the people were even more so. The centre is a meeting place for the whole community, it seems, with staff and volunteers pitching in their talents. I’ve always believed in palliative care as a way of affirming the dignity of life, but I see now even more clearly what a gift the unwell residents of the centre are to the community, providing people a chance to go beyond themselves in selfless service. My hat’s off to the Executive Director, Teresa Dellar, and to the whole crew. I’m proud to know you and to be able to pitch in, in whatever way I can.