A priest and a lesbian walk into a blog…..

One of the duties of a blogger is to introduce new blogs to the blogosphere, if they are in part responsible for the creation of the new blog in some way. My friend Marie-Josée of Lightspeedchick was the first to introduce me to the blogosphere, followed by Gerard Bugge of A Catholic Blog for Lovers (now, sadly deceased). I’ve had the privilege of doing this myself with such blogs as Benedictus Qui Venit, Amal, In the Heart of God, and Christian Conservative Newswatch.

Today the tradition continues with the introduction of A Valiant Mouse. “valiantmauz” posted a comment in my blog a few days ago, and I worked on a response for a few days. Within that response I suggested she start a blog, and she did! (Although, judging from her blog, she had started it before, just never posted anything apart from a test.) Welcome to the blogosphere!

This should be interesting. “valiantmauz” describes herself as a woman Canadian support of same-sex marriage who is gay (terms in order of importance), and she speculates that she and I likely won’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Yeah, she’s probably right, but I have noticed a few things already:

  1. She takes topics seriously, and earnestly tries to get at what others are saying, even those who disagree with her.
  2. She wants to hold her positions based on clearly defined principles, developed according to the use of reason.
  3. She is interested in genuine dialogue.

Sounds cool to me. Of course, I’d love it if everyone agreed with me :-), but any opportunity for people to seek the Truth in Charity as best they can is, I believe, something that is welcome in God’s eyes.

Peace be with you, valiantmauz! Consider yourself on my prayer list. May blogging be for you as great a source of blessing as it has been for me.