SAM and me

I had the pleasure, yesterday and today, of welcoming Secret Agent Man to Montreal. He was up for a conference, and I took him around the city a bit. Sunday night was supper at the House of Jazz, followed by a drive on the south shore to see the skyline. Monday began with a breakfast of bagels at the Faubourg and Tim Horton’s coffee, and then a cab ride to Old Montreal to start at Notre-Dame Basilica. We walked around the old city, and took in the Vatican exhibit being shown there (a world-class display of info and artifacts related to the Papacy).

After a quick subway ride to downtown, we grabbed a bite at a Chinese noodle place and headed to a second-hand bookstore. After a bit of browsing we visited the diocesan seminary, which is also a historical landmark, and then headed to St. Joseph’s Oratory. From there we took a bus back to downtown, and had a bite a Ben’s Deli.

I had to teach that night so SAM took a bit of a rest, and then we met up for beers at Brutopia, a local pub and microbrewery. We were joined by Benoit of Benedictus Qui Venit, and Silvain of Thessaloniciens 1:1, so it was a real blogger fest.

I’m really glad I got to meet SAM, and we talked about possibly having others come up to Montreal for a pilgrimmage. That would be great, as I love to show people around, and I know Marie-Linda of Amal has done this previously as well. Perhaps it can be the start of a more organized form of evangelization in this city, as SAM and I discussed. We will see. In the meantime, thanks for coming SAM, and I hope you enjoyed the stay!