Been a busy but beautiful day

It has been another amazing day in the life of this priest. But it’s been a busy one!

This morning was First Reconciliation for the children at St. Veronica’s parish. I’d love to tell you more, but it *was* confession after all! Still, there were a few funny moments, like kids who just can’t whisper (you keep telling them to keep their voice down, but it rises again within 5 seconds), or kids who sit in your lap rather than in the chair opposite (now that’s cute). The children did very well, I must say, and I made sure to let them know how proud I was of them. The reconciliation service was followed by a pot-luck lunch, in which I got a chance to chat with the parents of the kids.

The afternoon began with a visit to anoint a young woman who has been suffering from a debilitating illness for some years. I explained that a key grace of the Anointing is the willingness to entrust the illness to God’s providence: in that way, it becomes a source of hope.

That evening was the regular 4:30 mass at St. Veronica’s, in which our deacon did the preaching. I then headed back to my home parish of St. Thomas à Becket, to enjoy the talent show put on by our World Youth Day group. I missed the second half, though, because I got called to do an emergency anointing for an elderly woman in the hospital who had started to suffer from one seizure after another. The whole family gathered soon afterwards, and there was great sadness coupled with a sense that this was the end. I explained once again that the Anointing is about putting things in God’s hands with confidence that God’s providence will take care of things. End result? She got better! I love the sacraments.

I hit the hay that evening after a 15-hour day, totally exhausted but totally exhilirated. This priesthood thing is just amazing.