The extent of the seal of the confessional

This evening I was presenting to a group of children who are preparing to live the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time this Saturday. I brought up the topic of the seal of the confessional, and how everything that is said to the priest is kept secret. Some kids weren’t so sure how tight this secret really was, and they offered a few test cases.

“What if the police ask what I said?” My reply: “Nope, not even if the police come and ask.”

Ok, now it got more serious. “What if the Pope asks what I said?” My reply: “I would say ‘Sorry, Pope, that’s a secret.'”

They were starting to become impressed, but pushed it further by taking it to the next level: “What if my parents ask what I said?” My reply: “Nope, I would tell your parents that I couldn’t say what you said.”

Finally, they pitted the sacrament against the greatest authority they knew: “What if my teacher were to ask?” My final reply: “Not even your teacher gets to know what you said.”

They gasped. “Not even the TEACHER!”

I love 7-year old kids. :-)