Golden age, gold records, hearts of gold

I’ve heard about recording artists receiving a “gold record” when they sell a certain number of copies of an album (I suppose it is a “gold CD” now) but I’d never seen one up close…..until today. I was visiting with an elderly couple who have recently moved into the parish (they had invited me over for supper), and as part of the grand tour I saw one of these gold records on the wall, all bright and shiny. It turns our their sons are David and Ritchie Henman, two of the founding members of the rock band April Wine, and this was Ritchie’s gold album (I understand he kept the platinum one).

My visit to these “golden-agers” showed me hearts of true gold as well. For over 20 years the couple was involved in the organization Birthright, often opening up their home to pregnant young women in need of special assistance. While they would witness to their pro-life convictions with their words, what I love about Birthright is that it allows us to do so with deeds as well.