Divine redecorating

Before going on vacation I informed my pastor that, in his absence (as his vacation starts as soon as mine is over) I was planning on redecorating the TV room — specifically, by removing the TV. I find the TV to be (for me at least) an occasion of sin with a remote control — especially for the sin of sloth, which starts as mere couch potato syndrome but which so easily leads to genuine acedia.

When I got back from the monastery, though, I discovered to my delight that my pastor had taken this idea to heart and beat me to it. So the TV is gone, replaced by a tabernacle and the Real Presence. Now there is something worth staring at!

Here is a thought experiment: what would happen if every Catholic spent as much time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as they did watching TV? I submit to you we would have a civilization of saints. A suggestion I sometimes give kids is to tape a holy card to the front of their TV, next to the screen, and to the back of the remove control (prayer side up) so that every time they start their TV the’ll see the image on the holy card and can say the prayer. I don’t know how many have taken up the suggestion, but I do remember once suggesting to the kids that they just get rid of their TV…..they looked at me with FEAR, like they would die without it. It was kinda scary for me as well, to see that. What a grip that “idol” can have on us.