First golf game of the year

Today I had the opportunity to go out with 3 friends (2 of whom I have known since high school) for a round of golf. 4.5 hours in the burning sun, with high humidity….and yet it was lots of fun, even if my score was terrible! I’ve found that since my ribcage injury earlier this year my swing is really off….it’s like by brain is still telling my body to protect itself and not move in certain ways. Still, I did manage to par hole #17, which was a highlight of the afternoon.

I’ll have to work my game, though….every September we have the annual priest’s golf tournament, and I hope to join in this year. As well, our parish is having a golf tournament this year, so I *have* to be there for that. It’s not that I’m worried about embarrassing myself — I have a feeling that is inevitable — it’s just that the more skilled you are, the more fun it is for everyone. So off to the driving range I go!