A new place to visit

Fr. Stephen and I went to nearby St. Patricks parish in Quebec City, which is the home of the English-speaking Catholics of this Archdiocese. We were very warmly received by the community, and had the chance to concelebrate mass there.

Afterwards, as we were leaving, we had a chance to strike up a conversation with a couple who, as it turns out, were visiting from California! The 4 of us went out for lunch, and had a wonderful time together. Fr. Stephen and I now have a standing invitation to visit them in California (they live just south of Sacramento and West of Yosemite).

What I find most remarkable about this experience is it just shows once again the power of the communion of faith. We were total stangers to each other, but the simple fact that we celebrated our faith together just a few minutes before meant we already knew a lot about each other. In a sense, “we spoke the same language,” and I don’t just mean English. Just another sign of the true “catholicity” of our Church.