In Quebec City

Well, this morning I drove from Montreal to Quebec City, to continue my vacation (have I mentioned that I am on vacation?) Quebec City has to be one of the most beautiful cities in North America, and it easily has the most European feel to it.

I came with Fr. Stephen Otvos, a buddy of mine whose name I’ve mentioned before in this blog (he is also on vacation). We are staying as guests of the Dominicans here in Quebec, and the accomodations are perfectly situated….close enough to Old Quebec to walk and take in the sights, and far enough from the music festival going on right now to be able to get some sleep. The city has been invaded by punks wanting to attend a concert by the Violent Femmes, so I’m finding myself surrounded by kids with colourful mohawks….it’s kinda cool, actually.

We are also here to visit some other friends of ours, including Benoit Morrier of Benedictus74 and Silvain Cloutier of Thessaloniciens 1:1. Both are seminarians studying for the Archdiocese of Montreal, and are here for a special spirituality session. One friend I won’t get a chance to see, unfortunately, is the archbishop, Cardinal Marc Ouellet. He was a professor of mine in the seminary, an excellent theologian and a very fine gentleman….but he has been travelling this summer, to Rome and other locations, so I won’t get a chance to connect with him. Ah well, another time.