Out for supper with the Pope’s ambassador

This evening I had a chance to go out for supper with the Apostolic Nuncio to Canada, Archbishop Luigi Ventura. Not that he knew who I was before the evening began. I know one of his secretaries, Mdgr. Serge Poitras, who was a professor of mine at the seminary. A gang of us were going to go visit Serge in Ottawa, and when the Nuncio heard about it he offered to take us out to supper. Well I wasn’t about to refuse that!

The Nuncio was quite candid in his views regarding certain elements of the life of the Canadian church, but he did ask me to keep them “off the record” so you will not find them here. I do get the sense he is quite on the ball, though.

In order to squash any rumours, no I am *NOT* gunning for a job in the Vatican diplomatic service. Imagine being a bishop of a ficticious diocese, with no sacramental ministry to speak of (apart from Mass in your private chapel), and no real right to speak your mind on issues of the day because it’ll always be taken as a statement of Vatican foreign policy. That would kill me. Besides, I wouldn’t be allowed in the diplomatic service, because (get this) I’m too old! The academy where the Vatican trains its diplomats apparently doesn’t accept people past a maximum age of 33 — and I’ll be 34 in September. Strange to be told you are “too old” for something….it doesn’t happen to me that often. Just another sign of the passage of time, I guess.