Oka, day 13

As I mentioned previously, a review of my personal Rule has led me to examine certain elements of my life and, more specifically, some of the activities I am involved in.

I have come to the peaceful conclusion, first of all, that my parish work is first and foremost where God wants me to be. God wants me at St. Thomas a Becket, at least for the time being, and until my bishop sends me elsewhere this is where I must wholeheartedly apply my “devoir d’état”.

This being said, there are some other extra-parish tasks I have undertaken at the request of people in the diocesan church, which I see the need to review. In particular, I have resolved to consult with my ecclesiastical superiors regarding one specific task (I won’t say which for now, because if my superiors really do want me to stick with it that’s also an indicator of God’s will), but something has to give. There is only one Saviour, and I am not Him — too much is just too much.

Lastly, there are my personal projects, most particularly the blog. I’ve been praying long and hard about this one, because I see that blogging eats up a lot of time and mental energy. I love it, because it put me in contact with so many interesting people, some one whom I feel I have come to know even as friends. But “total obedience to the Holy Spirit” is total obedience to the Holy Spirit, and I am not sure whether my blogging is of me, or of the Holy Spirit. If it’s of the former, I have to drop it.

I’d like to invite you folks into my discernment on this one, actually. If you feel so moved, please send me an email regarding your thoughts on whether this blog should continue, why, and what changes I might make to my blogging philosophy (all with a view to being faithful to God’s call). Many thanks!