Reflection on the election

Elections Canada has posted a special page regarding the upcoming federal election. If you are looking for information regarding your riding, or even just want to know what your riding is, you should check this out. As for the riding of Lac-St-Louis, where I live, to date the candidates are (in alphabetical order by party):

I had a discussion with my pastor regarding the CCCB document on how to evaluate the candidates and political parties. He made a comment similar to Andrew, that perhaps we should not vote because there are *no* candidates that meet these criteria.

But imagine this scenario: all across the nation, Canadian Catholics start to phone the riding offices of the candidates, seeking answers to these questions. The very interest alone would force the candidates (and their parties) to take notice. Oh, it might not make a huge difference in this election. But if we slowly got into the habit of this, both we and the candidates would start to care more about these issues.

Once the final candidate list is out for my riding, I plan on calling each of them, asking them to respond to these questions. I’m then going to post their answers, and comment on them based on my understanding of Catholic social teaching.

UPDATE: The Green Party candidate has been added to the list (June 3, 2004)