A new religious order is coming to Montreal

We had our second Saturday of confirmations here at the parish, this time presided by Bishop André Rivest. I just love this man. I would follow him to the edge of the pit of hell, if he told me it was necessary for the glory of God. But I digress….

At lunch, Bishop Rivest let us know that the Archdiocese has invited a new religious community, the Communauté monastique de Jérusalem, to settle in Montreal. Their vision is to restore a presence of the sacred in our secular world, and to evangelize their neighbourhood through Beauty, particularly the beauty of the liturgy. Apparently they are having remarkable success in Europe, and this will be their first foundation in North America. Two new religious houses will be set up: one for monks, and one for nuns.

What is particularly interesting is that they are being given a church in the Plateau Mont-Royal district….exactly where the Relais Mont-Royal is set up. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ve heard of them before…..they are the ones who published that silly manifesto which proposed to replace the Eucharist with “fraternal meals” . In case you can’t see the original Gazette article contained in one of these posts, check out this awesome fisk done by Secret Agent Man.

So, a religious community devoted to beauty in the liturgy, going head to head with a religious community promoting the replacing of the traditional liturgy with it’s own alternative, and both trying to appeal to the same population base in the Plateau area…..it will be very interesting to see how this will evolve. My money, though, is on the monks.