Seeing old friends

The other night I had the pleasure of having dinner with my good friend Paul Robichaud and his wife Isabelle Lafortune. (In case you were wondering, the law here in Quebec is that women do not take their husband’s name when they marry — hence the different last names).

I first met Isabelle before the two of them were even officially dating: I had organized a pub night at Brutopia pub in downtown Montreal, and invited my cousin’s band Jacob Two-Two (an Ottawa act) to come to town and play for us. I had wanted to fill the place, to get them some exposure, so I invited all my friends and asked them to bring people. Paul brought Isabelle, and a new three-way friendship was formed.

I’ve known Paul since we were 11 years old. I always admired him, especially for his artistic talent. One thing I owe him for was introducing me to the noble sport of curling — through him I joined the Glenmore Curling Club many moons ago. It has been a while since I last curled, mainly because a skiing accident some time ago gave me bad knees, but I still enjoy following the sport.

As for supper, Paul was cooking, and the cuisine was Thai (and mighty spicey Thai, I might add!) Paul and Isabelle took a trip around the world as their honeymoon, although most of it was spent in Asia. Paul learned to cook Thai from one of the locals, and boy was it good (I like spicey). After the meal we spent some time reminiscing about a band Paul was part of in high school. It was just a silly joke band, never meant to be serious, but they became a cult hit among our class. I’ve been working on putting those old cassettes onto CD, just to preserve them for posterity. The quality of the recording is pretty bad, but listening to the old stuff makes me laugh at how silly we were back then.