The light on the water

I went on a 25 km bike trip today (25 km = 15 miles, approx.). I decided to bike around Île Bizard, which is part of my parish. While 25 km is a bit ambitious for only my second bike trip this year, there are two lovely parks that I like to stop at while touring the island. The first is a part of Parc Cap-St-Jacques, which has a marshy area teeming with life — turtles, tadpoles, small fish, and so on. If you are quiet, you can see quite a bit. But the real treat this time was the next rest stop.

The second park is called “Bois de l’Île Bizard,” and it is just beautiful. There is a lookout spot that gives you a gorgeous view of the Lake of Two Mountains. The water is still high, and the stiff breeze over the water generated a lot of surf. The sun was getting low by the time I arrived, so the light was sparkling on the crests of the waves. The light and the view, together with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and the cool breeze, all combined to create an amazing aesthetic experience. Honestly, I felt like I was worshipping God just by standing there and being still, taking it all in.

I’m pretty sore from my trip, but it sure was worth it. I am looking forward to going back on the next nice day.