Coptic coincidences

In the past few months I’ve been having a bunch of strange coincidences regarding the Coptic Orthodox Church.

It started with my class this semester, in which a bunch of my students were Coptic, even attending the Coptic church nearby.

Then, at the funeral I presided during Holy Week, I met the 3 Coptic priests at that Church.

I then visited someone in the hospital, and wound up chatting — again — with a Coptic priest.

I’ve heard the confession of someone who is Coptic.

Finally, just today a woman came by wanting to speak to a priest. Yes, she was Coptic.

So what gives? I know relations are moving forward between Catholic and Copts, but I never expected them to move at such a pace here in my own parish.

On the other hand, it does make sense that it be here. After all, the Copts are among my closest ecclesial neighbours. And I now have a warm standing invitation to visit them at any time, which I shall do. So maybe, just maybe, these coincidences are God’s way of telling me something.